10 Everyday Productivity Tools

10 Everyday Productivity Tools

Earlier, I shared how we need to cut-down on clutter and be more productive in our work lives  de-cluttering and subtracting in the process. Productivity in teams is a construct most companies like to develop fully. Individual productivity, however, is quite personal. As it is driven by individual habits and preferences, one may argue that a personal list is not entirely nailing it. Although, ever so often, I do admit, I read a tip from someone and go, ah, this. With this background, and inherent humility, please allow me to share my top 10 productivity tools with you all. I hope you find it useful!

1) Content recommendations through Flipboard, Google Alerts etc.: It is indeed challenging to always get time to curate the most interesting ideas and articles in the domains that I follow, read about and share with my community. Google Alerts for instance can be set up to send me an email at a designated (self-selected) timing that allows me to be posted on what’s happening in these fields and what I can share/read!

2) Single social stream view via TweetDeck: There are a few tools that may enable it, but I have been a TweetDeck user now for a while and it allows me to view all the Twitter streams I want to monitor in a single screen. Saves an enormous amount of time!

3) Content inspirations via Pinterest: On days that I am really looking for some new inspirations, Pinterest search is a great tool. It has visual inspirations that are a fascinating impulse to my brain cells. The search works very well, and I am usually being creative in the process.

4) Quick reactions via Twitter: When unsure, ask the experts. I’ve found a hashtag search or a quick Twitter search and also asking some people that I follow in my network the easiest way to get quick reactions.

5) Social signals via Buzzsumo: The most shared content in all formats including infographics, articles, blogposts, interviews, videos etc. are all available on a single glance on Buzzsumo saving me hours of time on Google and other social channels. Quite inspirational when bringing yourself up to speed or finding out what people are liking!

6) Auto-manage image sizes via Canva: The image does not nearly end at just the design itself but also then at adjusting sizes specific to Facebook, Twitter and multiple other social networks. There are also other image types like “business cards” or “album cover” or even a “real-estate flyer”. It’s all these easy and if you were buying images, it’s only just $1. Win!

7) Share with anyone, anywhere via DropBox: The fact that I can access content from any device, in any location and share it in a similar way, virtually doing away with all the USB devices or things I have to additionally remember to carry, I find it immensely useful to help me share, and create with anyone else.

8) Documents on the go on iBooks: Using the iOS of course but at any point if I am travelling or mobile and need to save a “Wiki” page that will help me at a later stage, I save it as PDF in my iBooks account keeping track of it without the hassle of having to wait for Internet connectivity in a remote place. In the same sense I like scanning and saving all my boarding passes in Passbook to avoid the hassle of printing and losing boarding passes while travelling!

9) Screen capture via Snip: It is free on Windows and the best thing about this app is that you can save as directly as a picture to be referred to later. Or just even copy it and paste it into an email to be sent out with a screen capture. Especially helpful when I am trying to explain a tech issue or an interesting idea and need to capture what I am seeing on screen without going through the print screen and then paste in paint routine.

10) Sleep well by enabling the “sleep mode”: An all night buzzing smartphone with notifications from all apps making noises is not the best or most effective way to rest your brain and get a good night’s sleep. I have started enabling the sleep mode on my phone at the same time everyday. A regular sleep cycle is infinitely healthier, helpful and does not give me broken sleeping ensuring my next work day is full of energy.

What are your favorite tools for increasing your productivity? Please share in the Comments section below!

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