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UIB’s Global IoT and AI Experts

Avrohom GottheilAvrohom Gottheil

Avrohom helps businesses use intelligent IoT messaging to grow revenues and reduce costs. When's the next bus? How long's the check-in line? He enables companies to answer these questions.

Danny O BrienDanny O Brien

Digital marketer, blogger and radio presenter Danny writes about the latest trends in online marketing and related technologies including the evolution of IoT and AI.

Dennis ClementeDennis Clemente

Dennis writes about AI, Big Data, Business Intelligence, ecommerce, IoT, edutech, fintech, the sharing economy, tech startups, and UX Design.

George RundeGeorge Runde

A seasoned veteran of the Finance world for more than 20 years, George enjoys using business intelligence to pinpoint problems and identify solutions.

Gulraiz KhalidGulraiz Khalid

UIB Director of Business Development Gulraiz looks after UIB's key accounts in the Middle East.

Ken HerronKen Herron

UIB Chief Marketing Officer Ken writes about the latest IoT and AI global news, trends, and best practices.

Mazhar NaqviMazhar Naqvi

CS grad student Mazhar researches and writes about computer networks and security.

Nush KhanNush Khan

UIB Key Account Manager Nush writes about IoT news, trends, and best practices in Singapore and ASEAN.

Richard MeyersRichard Meyers

Richard writes about the latest global business trends, focusing on IoT, growing industries, and business disruptions.

Rosina HaberlRosina Haberl

UIB Head of Operations Rosina writes about women in technology and IoT education in primary and secondary schools.

Stefan FuchsStefan Fuchs

UIB Business Development Manager and PhD candidate Stefan writes about how the public and private sectors are using IoT and AI to achieve their objectives.

Sudha JamtheSudha Jamthe

IOT Disruptions CEO Sudha writes about the intersection of IoT and AI and is teaching the world's first course on the business of autonomous vehicles this fall at Stanford CSP.

Toby RuckertToby Ruckert

UIB CEO and Founder Toby writes about the IoT and AI industry's biggest challenges and opportunities for enterprises, governments, and individuals.

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