Can you talk to and text your smart home?

Can you talk to and text your smart home?

Thanks to always advancing IoT and AI technology, there are now even more ways for you to interact with your smart home’s intelligent devices and appliances.

The UnificationEngine® intelligent IoT messaging platform created by UIB allows you to skip the smart speaker middleman and speak to and instant message your appliances right from your favorite social media, chat, and messaging channels — including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, LINE, Viber, SMS and many more — on your phone, tablet, or PC.

Here are six really neat ways that you can now control all of the connected appliances in your smart home, with or without a smart speaker or mobile app.

Talk to and Text Your Smart Home

Show me what’s in the fridge!

You arrive at the grocery store with a half-made list or maybe without one at all. Trying to remember what you already have and what you need when you see something on sale often leads to you re-buying what you already have and forgetting the small items that you needed.

When you connect to your smart refrigerator, you can tell it to “Show me what’s in the fridge” to instantly receive a photo showing the inside of your fridge. Now you can see what you have and how much you have left.

Tell me if the air is bad

If you live in a large city or an area that often deals with low air quality, then you can ask your air quality monitor to tell you if the air quality is bad. Your air monitoring device can send you a reading, complete with a graph illustrating the level of each pollutant and allergen and proactive alerts that can be scheduled or sent if the air quality changes during the day.

Set the temperature to ___

In certain places, the temperature can fluctuate throughout the week, especially in the fall and spring when the weather can’t seem to decide on whether it wants to be hot or cold. If you have the temperature at home set higher for cooler weather, but experience a sweltering day then you can ask your smart AC to lower the temperature.

This way you can skip waiting for the AC to cool the house, and come home to the perfect temperature for a relaxing evening.

Have a Nest thermostat at home, try UIB’s UnificationEngine now for free at!

Vacuum the downstairs

Forgot to start the robot-vacuum before you left the house this morning, or do you know that after school your kids will come trampling into the house without taking off their shoes? Turn on your vacuum while you are away from the house so that you always come home to clean floors.

This is also handy if you have unexpected company arriving home before you, turn on the vacuum so that it cleans up before anyone arrives.

Turn the radio on

Control your radio from another room or before you even get home. Music can help create an exciting morning atmosphere while you are waking up or give you a relaxing instrumental evening to come home to. You can ask your radio to turn on so that its helping create the mood you want for the evening when you come home.

Not just for music, you can set your radio to your favorite sports station or to the news, so that you don’t miss a beat when you walk in the room.

Open the curtains

When you have smart curtains or blinds installed, then you can ask your phone to automatically open the curtains for you in the morning before you get up. This way you aren’t stumbling into the dim morning kitchen for coffee.

The soft morning light is enough to light your way without blinding you instantly as overhead lights can do. It will also light up the room before you walk into it, letting your eyes better adjust in the morning.

How it all works

UIB’s UnificationEngine works by securely connecting your chat account to your device through the product’s Application Programming Interface or API. This is the same protocol that enables mobile apps and smart speakers to control the connected products in your home.

This means that you are able to use your smartphone to connect with and send commands to your light bulbs telling them to turn on. The lightbulb then communicates back to you, confirming that it has been turned on. Have Philips Hue lights at home? Try UIB’s UnificationEngine now for free at

Intelligent IoT messaging gives you another option to control the appliances and electronics in your smart home, giving you the option to talk or text your devices. Learn more about UIB and UnificationEngine intelligent IoT messaging at


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