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Why should YOU work at UIB?

We work from every corner in the world

UIB’s company culture keeps our team members aligned with our brand, and our brand aligned with our customers. Our customers, team members, and owners are global, so it is essential for all of us to continually seek to better understand and then leverage the insights gleaned from our stakeholders’ different cultures.

One way we do this is by having Global Business Meetings. Eligibility is based on each team member’s performance, and is subject to approval by the senior management team.

Where will our next Global Business Meeting be?

Come join us and find out!

What our team members say

As a marketer, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing the impact of what you do.
Ken Herron, Chief Marketing Officer

Users’ reactions are priceless. Getting to see their faces the first time a fridge talks back, a coffee machine makes coffee just how they asked, or a light switch responds in the dark is one of the best parts of the job, right next to working with such a passionate team.

Nazanine, Head of Finance

UE, with its many use cases, is the right solution at the right time for the different problems organizations face as they begin implementing IoT – UIB’s timing is perfect!

Albrecht Buchner, Member of the Board
Carsten Czech

How many times in your career do you think you’ll be able to change the way people communicate? That’s exactly what we’re doing, right now.

Carsten Czech, Head of Design

I am beyond grateful. I have been given the opportunity to work with an amazing group of people. These people provide me with support, guidance and never hesitate to share their knowledge. Each day, I learn something new, and grow both at a personal and professional level.

Everyone at UIB shares a common mission and vision that is aligned with a greater purpose. We have a fantastic corporate culture that gives us the freedom and flexibility to work according to our own schedules, enabling each team member to work where and when they can be their most productive and creative.

Nush, Key Account Manager

Joining UIB is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with a truly international team from Singapore, China, Germany, the UAE, the US, India, and New Zealand.

Aby, Chief Technology Officer

UIB is enabling humans to talk with machines. Seldom do you get the chance to do something that impacts people’s lives to this extent.

Gulraiz Khalid, Key Account Director
Rosina Haberl

Night owl? Morning person? What I love about UIB is that you can design your own schedule to work when you are at your most productive and most creative.

Rosina, Alumnus

Open Positions and Internships

Our people strategy is simple. We are always hiring smart people who can help us to achieve our goals.

Interested in working with us?


UIB’s Global Intern Program

WHY be a UIB intern?

You’ll get to:

  • Work for the world’s leading intelligent IoT messaging company;
  • Work with the industry’s top IoT, AI, and chatbot experts;
  • Advance technology that saves people’s lives around the world;
  • Make smart products safer and easier for people to use; and
  • Get real experience working for a Singapore-based tech company.

WHY will we hire you?

  • You’re genuinely interested in IoT and AI;
  • You bring skills and experience that will help UIB;
  • You already know how to be productive working remotely;
  • You have a computer and smartphone (we’re BYOD!); and
  • You’re willing to commit at least 90 days to UIB (note: intern compensation begins after the successful completion of your first 90 days).

Where you work from doesn’t matter.
Who you are as a person does!