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UnificationEngine® Chatbots

Power your company or city with a UE-powered chatbot

What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is a computer program designed to simulate a conversation, in other words, a chat!

A UE-powered chatbot enables you to monetize your data with:

  • Conversational Customer Service

  • Conversational Commerce

  • Conversational Analytics

Unification Engine

Why are UE’s chatbots better?

UIB provides companies and governments around the world with natural language chatbots that instantly connect people to the information they want 24x7x365.

UE-powered chatbots work with:

  • ANY Device

  • ANY Language

  • ANY Platform

UE-powered chatbots work with ANY device

Chat with any smart device, machine, equipment, vehicle, infrastructure, or database for best-in-class smart home, smart enterprise, and smart city solutions.

UE-powered chatbots work with ANY Language

Communicate through voice and text messaging in over 10 languages out of the box, with additional languages available on request.

UE-powered chatbots work with ANY Platform

Communicate on email, SMS, and over 20 of the most popular global social media network, messaging, and chat platforms.

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Smart Home Chatbots

Can your customers do this?

“Morning. Fridge here. You have three days of milk left. Shall I look at the current offers for you?”


“Publix has a 2-for-1 special until tomorrow on your preferred brand and size, shall I go ahead and order? Total cost will be US$4.99 with free delivery through your club card.”

“Yes, but make one chocolate.”

“Three brands of chocolate milk are available, Happy Cow, Purple Cow, and Moo Moo Cow. Which would you like?”

“Order Happy Cow.”

“Order confirmed, one skim milk and one chocolate milk. Preferred bank account debited. Delivery scheduled for today between 6:00 – 7:00 p.m.”

Smart Enterprise Chatbots

Can you chat with your software system?

“For production stations 1-10. What was yesterday’s output?”

“Do you want total output, or output per station?”

“Output per station.”

“For station 1, yesterday’s output was…”

Smart City Chatbots

Can you keep your family safe?

“A severe weather warning has been issued for your area. Please seek immediate shelter from potentially life-threatening heavy wind and rain.”

“Where’s the nearest shelter?”

“The entrance to the nearest shelter, the city underground car park, is 200 meters up the street and on your left. Follow the blue arrows on this map.”

Try out UE for yourself!

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What makes UE-powered chatbots unique?


  1. Gives people the choice of speaking or texting on their favorite channels.
  2. Gives people the freedom to use it from anywhere.
  3. Enables user personalization and device personality.
  4. Enables conversational commerce and analytics.
  5. Protects people’s privacy and increases IoT’s security.

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