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UIB Holdings Pte. Ltd.
3 Temasek Avenue
Level 18, Centennial Tower
Singapore 039190

Phone: +65 6871 4035

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UIB’s Global Intern Program

WHY be a UIB intern?

You’ll get to:

  • Work for the world’s leading intelligent IoT messaging company;
  • Work with the industry’s top IoT, AI, and chatbot experts;
  • Advance technology that saves people’s lives around the world;
  • Make smart products safer and easier for people to use; and
  • Get real experience working for a Singapore-based tech company.

WHY will we hire you?

  • You’re genuinely interested in IoT and AI;
  • You bring skills and experience that will help UIB;
  • You already know how to be productive working remotely;
  • You have a computer and smartphone (we’re BYOD!); and
  • You’re willing to commit at least 90 days to UIB (note: intern compensation begins after the successful completion of your first 90 days).

Where you work from doesn’t matter.
Who you are as a person does!