What does the future hold for apps?

What does the future hold for apps?

With the buzz around the new iPhone launch this week (you might have heard about that) I decided to look at an area that’s of key importance for all of us that use a smartphone, apps. What does the future hold for Apps? The landscape isn’t very positive. A recent study found that when it came to Apps being downloaded per month the total came to:

0, zilch, nada

What plays a key part in this? Simple, there’s only so many apps that people can use. For example I use on average 8 apps a day and this is along the lines of the global average. With there being only so many hours in the day people tend to stick to tried and trusted apps, if there’s one thing we don’t like its change. So, if you’re a business looking to break into the big bad world of apps it isn’t very promising.

How to overcome this? Use Existing Apps + The IoT

As you can see it isn’t easy to make an impact on this landscape. So how can you overcome this? Use the apps already there. With Unified Inbox, you don’t need to download another app (which as you can see is now the norm) and can instead use your existing communications tools to communicate with your devices and in natural language. As well as this your devices can communicate with each.

So, what does this mean? Well with WhatsApp alone 1 billion use the app and 30 billion messages are sent every day. Instead of downloading another app you can now tap into this monstrous network (do a quick check with your friends and see how many use WhatsApp)

The lack of a home button was also another big feature at the iPhone launch. The new approach makes it easier to toggle through the apps you’re using. What if you didn’t even have to do this and everything is done all in one place, and using the power of the IoT. So instead of going from Gmail to Twitter and then realising you forgot to get back on the group chat on WhatsApp about if you’re around for the game tonight you can do all of this using one platform.


The Future, you don’t need another App

More and more is being done through our smartphones. While this looks set to increase the number of apps used has reached a plateau. Simplicity is crucial in this era as well. Instead of having to toggle between apps and very often forget about things (I know it’s happened to me) you can now do this all from one platform and without having to download a new app.

From deciding you don’t want to receive work emails after 9 (hallelujah) to turning on the kettle first thing in the morning using WhatsApp without you having to get up Unified Inbox will let you do this. So why not sit back next time you’re at lunch and have your phone order your next latte, it’s that simple.



Did I mention you don’t have to download an app?


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