Is Snapchat the answer to social media ADHD?

Is Snapchat the answer to social media ADHD?

Our lives, including careers, children, volunteering, a second job, family, friends, social clubs, sports, reality TV, etc., have helped to make us multi-tasking machines. Many of us can’t sit still for more than five minutes, have way too many things on our minds, must schedule everything in Google Calendar, and have no time to stop and smell the roses. People are Uber-busy. So busy, that we even call Uber because we have no time to even drive ourselves to our next meeting.

With this being said, it can be nearly impossible for a company to expect an online social media user to have the time to stop and pay attention to what they have to say via a 140-character tweet or 15-second Instagram video. Not only are you competing for screen time and number of impressions with the next company with the financial backing to pump into paid ads, you are also competing with the online user/potential customer’s own time and ability to care about, pay attention to, watch/read and hopefully convert and take action on a piece of content that you have created. People are so busy and see so much content come across their social networks, email and the internet in general, that they may have developed Social Media ADHD.



Focusing on one piece of content from beginning to end is an extremely difficult task. So much content is readily available, and it stays there forever. You can access it and read or watch it whenever you like, and there is no sense of urgency to consume the content that is of value to you when it is presented. Television has become the same way. With DVR, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and other readily available, we no longer watch television shows as they air, with commercials included. This can happen to social media, unless Snapchat is here to provide the cure.

With Snapchat’s model of having content disappear within 24 hours, the social media platform is forcing you to pay attention. And those companies that better understand how to best leverage Snapchat, will realize that by using this platform to host offerings of timely coupons, discount codes, sales and other promotions, Snapchat easily allows you to drive conversions due to the sense of urgency. Not only will the content disappear within 24 hours, the content itself is only 10 seconds long. You may not have 5 minutes, 10 minutes or 30 minutes, to watch a YouTube or Facebook video. And you may not have time to read a 140-character tweet. But even during the course of your busy day, it’s difficult to say that you didn’t have 10 lousy seconds to watch a quick Snapchat video. Gary Vaynerchuk once said, “Snapchat moved the needle from potential impressions to consumed impressions.” In other words, Snapchat drives tangible measured results. By creating a sense of urgency, Snapchat has developed a platform that provides a more guaranteed-results marketing option for your company. They are using their platform to cure Social Media Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, without even knowing it.

It may seem difficult to cut through the tons of social media clutter and be heard among the competition’s online noise and the busy lives of your target audience.  But, by choosing the right platform like Snapchat, and using it to provide valuable but timely information and deals, your business can win and a major way. If it were an actual diagnosis today, many of us would have Social Media ADHD. But just maybe Snapchat can be the first social media tool that we can use to cure the disorder and help us to better focus and pay attention to the great value that lives in social media content.


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