Is your Personal Executive Inbox Assistant coming soon?

Is your Personal Executive Inbox Assistant coming soon?

HANA Powering Communication-as-a-Service Platform’s Smart Sorting Algorithm – is your Personal Executive Inbox Assistant coming soon?

originally published on SAP HANA site.

Email, social media networks and other online communication channels have truly taken over our world – which is why we’ve seen the need for better inbox management solutions and put the work into developing Unified Inbox.

Unified Inbox essentially pulls together your entire digital communication life in one central place – from emails, social media, sms messages and many more, enabling you to deal with them centrally and at the same time.

What’s so special about Unified Inbox is that it is a true cloud based Communication-as-a-Service platform. As such, it is not just aggregating messages, but really unifying them from both a backend (formating, API’s, encoding types etc.) and a frontend (UX/UI) view.

How this impacts the ecosystem
This eventually leads to new opportunities for device manufacturers, software developers, ISVs and system integrators, allowing them to focus on productivity and enterprise class features in their apps and services, rather than consuming a lot of time and money with integrating the world’s ever increasing communication channels.

Creating a better experience for users
The utility of the service, which is currently in closed beta and available as a mobile and a web app, is aimed at professional users and geared towards achieving greater productivity and to again feeling better and in charge when dealing with our inboxes.

We’re creating a better user experience by adopting the concept of the “5 D’s” to empower our users managing all their inboxes and messages centrally and completely from one place, namely:

  • Do (Reply/move or simply deal with the task at hand)
  • Delegate (Assign task or responsibility over to somebody else)
  • Delete (including Archive/Move)
  • Defer (not needed right now – but delay with reminder for later)
  • Distribute (shift content from one channel to another, i.e. share a Tweet/Email on Facebook or export the content of an email to Evernote, Basecamp or Dropbox)

With those 5 D’s, it’s possible to create structured processes and workflows from previously unstructured (inbox) data, even across communication channels. Check out this blog for an example of how four of these were used on a daily basis.

Recently Unified Inbox won a 3rd prize in the Unified Communications category at the IT Innovation Awards of the Initiative Mittlestand in Germany in recognition of this innovative inbox management concept.

Being equipped with the right technology is crucial
Technically this isn’t as straight forward as it sounds. Algorithms are complex. Dynamically changing ones are worse. Data is being pushed into the inbox all the time. So finding the right technology to implement this was key.

We were really glad to be accepted into the HANA Startup Focus Program from SAP. HANA was just the technology we needed to develop much faster and deliver more value to our customers in the shortest possible time frame.

Initially there was a bit of resistance in our team to develop on HANA. The general consensus was that it’s expensive and that there are free open source solutions out there which could potentially do the same. But what’s the price of development time and having a stack that’s extremely fast, you can rely on and which simply works?

What helped significantly to get us started was that SAP assigned us a dedicated tech architect who did real one-on-one hand holding when we had technical difficulties to master. Once we got into it, we were really surprised by the performance of HANA and we could process our complex queries with ease – just the way we envisioned it.

We’re currently into week 3 of the SAPPHIRE FastTrack and building out the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) of our smarter message sorting algorithm on top of Unified Communications.

If all goes well, information workers and busy professionals from around the globe can soon not just sort their email inbox according to their personal priorities but even their entire unified communications stream, including social media, email, SMS, the Intranet and much more.

Eventually you don’t need to be Barak Obama, Angela Merkel, Mick Jagger, Tiger Woods, the Pope or a Russian Oligarch to have an executive assistant who screens your calls and messages, sorts your mail, and helps you manage your time.

With Unified Inbox and thanks to HANA you will soon have your own Personal Executive Assistant who does all of this for you and more with the touch of a screen. Better still – this assistant works 24/7/365, never gets sick or tired, doesn’t have an attitude and never asks for a raise.

Stay tuned – we’re looking forward to revealing more shortly.

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