July 18, 2019 Chatbot Marketing Best Practices Workshop

July 18, 2019 Chatbot Marketing Best Practices Workshop

Will your business or brand benefit from using chatbot marketing? If so, how do you go about creating a chatbot? And what do you use them for in Asia?

In this virtual workshop, you will learn everything you need to know about chatbots, including chatbot uses, how chatbots work, what are the benefits and disadvantages of chatbots, and what are the steps in building a chatbot to optimize your business operations and enhance your marketing efforts online.



Ken Herron, UIB Chief Marketing Officer

Chatbot Marketing Best Practices with Case Studies from Asia, Europe, and the Middle East

Top-ranked Postscapes, Global Data, Digital Scouting, and Onalytica global IoT leader and the fourth most-followed CMO on Twitter worldwide, Ken Herron is the Chief Marketing Officer of Conversational AI and Cognitive IoT company UIB.


Jae Lee, WorldRoamer Chief Technology Officer

Best Practices with Consumer Engagement Chatbots

Award winning technology leader with startup exit experience through acquisition by Cheil Worldwide. 16 plus years of experience in product leadership and head of engineering roles from global creative agencies and product side of the industry.


Rick Hoo, AiChat Head of Operations

Best Practices in Chatbot Marketing in Singapore

Rick Hoo is the Head of Operations of AiChat, a leading conversational AI company providing a platform designed for brands to easily manage chatbots to automate business processes in customer service, sales and marketing on popular messaging apps.


James B. Lindsay, ChatCampaign Chief Marketing Officer

How to Increase Signups and Traffic Using Chatbots

With a background in Mathematics and Drama, James tends to combined theatrics and axiomatic truths to make for unique business solutions. He considers himself a creative problem solver who has experience working in US, Canada, Germany, and Hong Kong.

Other Workshop Topics

  • Discover the benefits and disadvantages of chatbots
  • Building and optimization for better results
  • Best practices in using chatbots for marketing
  • Interesting use cases (quizzes, leaderboards and gamification, feedback surveys, lead generation with email and phone number capture, scoring, audience segmentation, coupon or certificate generation)

Who Should Attend

  • This workshop is ideal for those involved in digital marketing, and responsible for acquiring, supporting and delighting customers. It would benefit anyone who is involved in marketing and wants to learn how to build an intelligent bot. No coding knowledge is required.


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UIB CMO Ken Herron

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Ken Herron
UIB Chief Marketing Officer Ken writes about the latest IoT and AI global news, trends, and best practices.