Learning, again

Learning, again

My highlight of 2017 was when I joined UIB this year in April. In a few months at UIB, I am looking at things differently. In between experiencing how technology can benefit many aspects of our life to seeing a how a global company like UIB works so differently in comparison to traditional corporates, I am “learning” once again.

I have to say, the world of the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence really fascinates me and it is a great experience to be a part of it. Looking at how the little smart devices can really change our lives makes you think about how humans have come a long way.

I am usually supporting UIB’s on-ground staff and executives around the world as an assistant but what I really like is how I am working with so many people in various teams located in different countries, all at the same time. I hear every day about how I am helping our team and helping create value in the world almost every day and that motivates me to work harder the next day. Every day so far has been amazing, but the highlight as I said has to be the day I joined because every moment has been an exciting learning experience for me.

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