Mailbag: Answering Readers’ Questions on Intelligent IoT Messaging

Mailbag: Answering Readers’ Questions on Intelligent IoT Messaging

We love it when our readers send us questions. We were recently asked the following question:

“Why does UIB’s UnificationEngine®-powered SmartContact® have both voice and instant messaging, why wouldn’t you just use voice for everything?”

Great question, thank you.

The simple answer is that people love choice.

There are times when it’s easier to talk and times when it’s easier to text. Here’s an example — you’re in a room by yourself, at home, at the office, or even at a hotel. It’s private, it’s quiet, and talking won’t disturb anyone, it’s easier for you to speak. Now picture yourself in the security line at the airport. It’s crowded, it’s noisy (is that two children screaming or just one who has exceptional lung capacity?), and there’s zero privacy. It’s easier for you to tap out a quick message.

UIB’s founder and CEO Toby Ruckert recently shared a video that shows another real-life example of why even “voice-first” people want to have the option of messaging all of their connected products and services with a UnificationEngine-powered SmartContact in their smartphone!

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Ken Herron
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