Marketing trends in 2017

Marketing trends in 2017

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Marketing comes in a form of communication with the target market in the hopes of selling them a service or product.

In this digital world of rising technology, marketers should either be up to track or lose out in this game.

The 2017 trends will get marketers right on track to meet their goals of increasing marketing reach.

1.     Embrace content marketing

Content marketing is a strategic way to distribute information and attract targeted audience. The key is to have consistency of postings and sharing of e.g. blogs, videos, slides, etc… on different platforms of social medias – be it LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the list goes on…


2.     Experiment social video

“LIVE” will be most likely the “in” word in 2017. It is the easiest and fastest way for companies to get in touch with customers and/or consumers. Social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, have gone crazy on mobile live steaming. Brands have the potential to release engaging content, conduct marketing around an event, or even pay influencers to feature their products.

  • Company Facebook Pages streamed almost 200 live videos in June 2016 – 6x as many as they streamed in January 2016.
  • Media publishers post nearly 18x more videos on average each month than the top company Pages.

Source: Social Bakers

3.     The rise of artificial communication

With the rise of digital experience among users, companies and/or brands must take customers and/or consumers communication to a whole new level. Users now prefer immediate solutions and this is where Live Chats are made available for them. This will increase the user’s brand experience from enquiring to purchasing at all stages of the customer’s journey with a live agent.

4.     Personalization

Nobody dislike “personalization”. Customers will always feel that companies have done it specially for them! This makes the whole brand experience meaningful and closer to the heart of the customer. Targeting consumers on an individual level based on their specific habits and interest makes personalization of marketing strategies and/or message easier. After all, it is all about capturing exactly what they are looking for or considering about!

5.     Interactivity

As digital trends are changing at a fast pace, companies and brands must consider various multimedia elements into their marketing strategies – e.g. videos in emails, brand storytelling through videos, live streaming, etc… Users are looking forward for more a personal connection with brands.


Author: Elaine , Marketer in REDtone

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