Nush Khan at the 2017 IBM Watson Vietnam Summit

Nush Khan at the 2017 IBM Watson Vietnam Summit

Let’s start by acknowledging that for most of us, coffee is as vital as it is personal.

Coffee is what starts our day. Coffee is that refreshing pick-me-up in the middle of the afternoon. And for die-hard caffeine addicts, three to four cups a day is just getting started.

So to all my fellow coffee people out there, have you ever heard of the cognitive coffee-making experiment? Well, at the 2017 IBM Watson Vietnam Summit on June 8 in Hanoi, we did exactly that!

How did we revolutionize the experience of making great coffee?

We made our favorite coffees, not by pushing buttons, but by using UIB’s UnificationEngine™ and IBM Watson to message a coffee maker with WhatsApp.

If you’re picky about how much sugar you want in your coffee, the kind type of milk you want, or even the strength of your brew, you can customize your choice by simply messaging the machine using natural language, just as easily as you customize your coffee with your local barista.

400 different types of coffee were never so easy to make — or so delicious!

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