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Simply Post

Empower all of your employees to be champions, at scale. Get your 100 free posts today.

Add People


Invite people to create content for your connected social networks.

Create a Post


Click and drag to create a new post.

Approve a Post


Fast, easy, one-click APPROVE or DECLINE of each author’s post.

What is Outbox Pro?

Successful organizations don’t rely on a single person to create their social marketing content.
Cloud-based Outbox Pro revolutionizes social publishing by making it fast and easy for EVERYONE to create both real-time and scheduled marketing content.

Outbox Pro enables any group of people — you decide who — your employees, your colleagues, your contractors, your vendors, your partners, your executives, and even your customers to freely author and publish on social networks — Facebook, Google+, and Twitter at launch — with the security of easy-to-use centralized approval, tracking, and management.


Who will benefit from using Outbox Pro?

Outbox Pro is for any group of people who wants to increase their social media ROI by empowering one, some, or all of their people to author and publish on social networks.


How does Outbox Pro work? Is it elves? Nanobots?

Outbox Pro is a web browser extension. Outbox Pro is available right now for Chrome, with other browser extensions coming soon.


Why should you use Outbox Pro instead of another social publishing solution?

What if EVERYONE in your organization could freely create content? Outbox Pro’s centralized user authentication, approval, backup, and compliance empowers the people you choose inside and outside your organization to create content, and gives you the peace of mind that comes from controlling what gets published when on each of your different social networks, 24/7/365


How much does Outbox Pro cost?

With Outbox Pro, you can either pay by the month or by the post. You choose! Enterprise-level plans are also available.

Outbox Pro starts at just US$9.00 per month. US$9.00 gives you up to three users, and each user gets an unlimited number of posts on an unlimited number of social networks.

If you’d rather pay per post, Outbox Pro costs just 25 cents a post. Outbox Pro makes it easy for you to manage and control your social marketing budget!


What if I want you to create my social posts?

Unified Inbox also has an “orange glove” social media management product called Outbox Pro Full Service. Want to learn more? Email Head of Marketing Ken Herron on ken DOT herron AT unifiedinbox DOT com!