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We liked UnificationEngine™ so much, we built some products with it!
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SHOUT is Unified Inbox’s UnificationEngine™ (UE) -powered emergency broadcast product.

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SHOUT is a multi-channel, emergency broadcast app for mission-critical communications, powered by SAP HANA and Unified Inbox’s UE.

From tsunamis to terrorism to tuberculosis, lives are lost every day around the world in both natural and manmade disasters. What if there was an easy, inexpensive way for governments, schools, and institutions to instantly broadcast urgent warning messages simultaneously on ALL of their communications channels, from SMS to email to social media to messaging and chat apps?

SHOUT is targeted to meet the safety and security needs of public and private institutions who require the capability to transmit emergency multi-channel broadcast communications on demand.

Users include federal and municipal government agencies, transportation authorities, schools and universities, hotels and resorts, theme and amusement parks, conference and event centers, and large corporate campuses.

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Outbox Pro

Outbox Pro is Unified Inbox’s UE-powered social media publishing product.

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UE-powered Outbox Pro makes it fast and easy for teams to create, edit, approve, schedule, publish, and track social media posts on one or more networks.

Outbox Pro enables organizations of all sizes to:

  • Manage one or more “Authors” by centrally assigning and managing permissions-based roles
  • Create secure access to live social networks without sharing social media passwords
  • Create original and curated web content, customized for each social network
  • Designate an “Admin” for social media content review and approval
  • Receive and review approval requests via email from any mobile device
  • Edit declined posts and resubmit them for approval

Outbox Pro is popular with conference and event planners who use it to allow their speakers to post, upon approval, on events’ social media accounts. The result? Great content, speaker feedback, delegate engagement, and great marketing of the event to target attendees.

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Media Flow

Media Flow is Unified Inbox’s UE-powered communications analytics product.

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Media Flow provides an insight into communication patterns across multiple channels over days or months. You’ll be able to see:

  • How your communication flows vary throughout the day, week and month
  • How your incoming messages and actions are distributed throughout the day
  • Who you correspond with most often
  • Which channels provide most of your communications activity
  • Which actions you take on each channel

Media Flow is a project conducted by the Graduate School of Management at the University of Auckland and Unified Inbox. Our aim is to help people monitor their media use patterns to make choices to improve their performance and well-being.

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