Are you ready for a future with binge watching AI?

Are you ready for a future with binge watching AI?

I am a Technology Futurist. That puts me in the camp of people who are excited and make up predictions about the future with technology. Even I cannot stretch my imagination to believe something that I heard from Mobile World Congress #MWC17 today.

Ready to hear it?

A future with AI that will binge watch Netflix shows! yes I am not predicting it. It is a sensationalized view of a future presented from a talk by Netflix CEO Reed Hastings at Mobile World Congress. Here’s the article.

Humor me. What would that world look like?

  • Would Knightscope being piloted as a security robot Westfield mall in San Jose binge watch Law & Order when not on a work shift in the mall?
  • Or would Amy, my personal assistant bot watch “Orange is the New Black” quietly on a slow calendar day?
  • Or a home kitchen assistant who would serve me dinners, maybe like the Robot that makes Will Smith’s Grandmother’s Sweet Potato Pie in iRobot would binge watch “The Mind of a Chef”?
  • Oh No, would my doctor become an AI and binge watch “Grey’s Anatomy”?

What is Entertainment for a human mind?


Lets get into our minds as humans on why we need entertainment and why we binge watch anything. I have had many years of the battle of the remote with my husband that has helped me analyze why we watch any TV show.

After our routine work day, however you love it or hate your day, a good movie or show on TV or a play relaxes our minds. It makes us feel, cry or laugh someone else’s life. A travel show takes us to new places and a cook show whets our appetite.

And binge watching goes past entertainment to a place where it lets us get an emotional release from our real lives with an immersion into some other experience to some extent addicting us to keep watching more of the same show.

Does a Robotic mind need entertainment?

Assuming AI is going to be prevalent in our future world, and even if we assume that the AI will learn emotions with affective computing, I cannot comprehend an AI that would need to be entertained. However, I can see it wanting educational content to do the more advanced version of deep learning to understand the world, its domain and us as humans better. I could see Netflix offering that content, if that’s the direction that they choose to go. But it won’t be entertainment similar to a human brain unplugging itself to let go of the emotional burden of our current lives. So I won’t call it entertainment, not in our current definition of it.

But what about singularity, you ask?

The singularity movement predicts when humans and machines will merge and overcome disease. Ray Kurtweil predicts 2045 as the year man becomes immortal. Paul Allen argues that it is not near.

Elon Musk, who is a futurist who sets to work to create the world he predicts, said recently in the World Government Conference in Dubai, that the speed of machine’s data will far out maneuver our human speed that we’ll be forced to augment our brains with an AI to become something like a Cyborg. Read the details captured well by Andy Jay Hawkins.

But if and when such a singularity happens and Netflix is still the top entertainment medium of choice, will the singularity being (I can’t get to call them humans) watch Netflix for entertainment? The human part of it would still need the entertainment and yes Netflix or Amazon Prime Video stand a good chance at it. But I wonder would such a Singularity being that is part human sharing its brains with a machine have the same emotional needs and deficiencies that would need to be entertained by a future Netflix?

I hope that if and when we work to create such an artificial evolution towards immortality, we would have rescued ourselves from TV. And I hope email goes away with it too.

What do you think of entertainment for AI? Does it seem far fetched or just seems so far away that we cannot relate to it today? Share your thoughts in comments below or follow me in any of the channels below.


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