Samsung WarrantyBot Chatbot Warranty Registration

Samsung WarrantyBot Chatbot Warranty Registration

What made Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the entire Cyber Weekend even more special this year in Singapore? Shoppers at Harvey Norman and other stores got to experience Samsung’s newest innovation. Samsung continues to lead the industry by offering this innovative channel for product registrations via WhatsApp, LINE and FB Messenger on an AI-powered chatbot!

Samsung WarrantyBot Chatbot Warranty Registration

Chatbot product warranty registration makes it faster, easier, and more fun!

Products and Channels

New Samsung Consumer Electronics product owners — including televisions, soundbars, refrigerators, washing machines, microwave ovens, and vacuum cleaners — can now complete their warranty registrations on popular global messaging apps WhatsApp, LINE, and Facebook Messenger.

Samsung WarrantyBot Chatbot Warranty Registration

Samsung customers can register their new products on WhatsApp, LINE, and Facebook Messenger


“99% of customers like that they don’t need an additional mobile app, account, login, or password.”


Here’s how the Samsung WarrantyBot works:


Customers scan the QR Code or visit to add the WarrantyBot SmartContact™ to their smartphone’s address book.


Customers message a photo of their new product’s serial number and receipt to the Samsung WarrantyBot on WhatsApp, LINE, or Facebook Messenger.


Customers follow the step-by-step instructions to complete their product warranty registration — via voice or text — on the Samsung WarrantyBot.

Samsung WarrantyBot

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“Goodbye paper warranty cards!”

People Prefer Chat

Accessible to everyone with a smartphone, UIB’s UnificationEngine makes product warranty registration fast, easy, and fun!

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