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“Proper communications in a crisis is essential, but it gets tougher as communications get faster. SHOUT simplifies the process, assisting authorities and companies in any situation.”

Stefan Fuchs – MA Student at Steinbeis University Berlin

What is SHOUT?

  • SHOUT is the emergency broadcast system for critical communications.
  • SHOUT saves lives, decreases injuries, and reduces property damage.
  • SHOUT reaches people other tools don’t because they don’t have to install an app!

Powered by UnificationEngine™

With UnificationEngine™ intelligent IoT messaging, SHOUT enables governments, schools, and enterprises to instantly broadcast messages on over 25 global communications channels — including the world’s most popular social media, chat, and messaging apps.

This means you can effectively reach vulnerable populations — older, rural, only use SMS, only use email, etc. — who will not or cannot download an app.

With SHOUT, you can instantly message people on ALL channels:

Why should you SHOUT?

This is why your city, your nation, your business, or your school should use SHOUT:

  1. SHOUT saves lives
  2. SHOUT decreases injuries
  3. SHOUT reduces property damage

Who uses SHOUT?

  • Local, Regional, and National Governments
  • Emergency Services Organizations
  • Schools and Universities
  • Global Enterprises
  • Companies with Large Corporate Campuses
  • Theme and Amusement Parks
  • Anyone who needs to immediately reach everyone!

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When disaster strikes, SHOUT!