Building Smart Hotels with Intelligent IoT Messaging

Building Smart Hotels with Intelligent IoT Messaging

This week I had the pleasure of speaking with several business owners in Israel who serve the smart home / smart city market, regarding the growing list of possibilities of how Intelligent IoT Messaging can benefit their business, as well as the greater public. Intelligent IoT Messaging is the ability for products and software to communicate with people and things, using natural language. One interesting discussion I had this week was about the hospitality industry. Suppose you were looking to open a brand new hotel & casino, right on the Las Vegas Strip. Since The Strip is full of casinos, you would like your new creation to stand out. You’re wracking your brains trying to figure out how you’re going to “out-theme” the hotel next door when all of a sudden it hits you! You’re a techie. You love playing with technology. So, at this hotel, you’re going to “out-tech” everyone on The Strip! Robots will carry people’s luggage to and from their suites, and indoor drones will deliver drinks to the poker table. You’ll have Star Trek like VR “holo decks” and 3D printer food “replicators”.

Once you sober up you realize that you’re not looking for the Star Trek novelty effect in order to wow people. You just want to build a sustainable and profitable business. How can you leverage technology that exists today in order to create an exceptional experience for your customers, so that they not only keep coming back for repeat business, but they also brag about your business to all their friends?

Smart Concierge – Every upscale Hotel has a concierge. With Intelligent IoT Messaging, you can offer a Smart Concierge that will not only take care of your guests’ needs, but will dazzle them so that they can’t contain themselves and have to share your reviews all over social media! Here are some of the features of a smart concierge:

  • A Chat bot utilizes machine learning & Artificial Intelligence to promote concierge services (i.e. Tours, Restaurants, Room Service). For example, when you check into your room late at night via the hotel’s SMS based chat bot, it may offer to order you dinner from room service because it’s late at night, and there is a good chance that you may not have eaten dinner yet. You can even promote external businesses and collect a referral fee from them!
  • When you order housekeeping via text message, a chat bot may respond with an offer to make dinner reservations for 2 while your room is being cleaned. Turn an ordinary transaction (i.e. housekeeping) into a revenue generating tool!
  • Order a tax or rental car via chat bot. For example, a user enters into Facebook Messenger: “Order a Taxi”. Chat bot responds: “To where?” User responds: “To New York City, corner 42nd Street and Broadway.” Chat bot responds: “Your taxi will arrive in 10 minutes. Vehicle is a Chevy Volt with License Plate GxR-W2N4. Driver’s name is Al Smith. You ride is estimated to take 2 hours. Would you like room service to pack you something to eat? We have a special on pastrami sandwiches for $6.99.”
  • Enable guests to purchase theater tickets via intelligent chat bot using WhatsApp. For example, a user can type into WhatsApp “When is Spider Man: Homecoming playing in September?” The chat bot will respond with “September 3 @ 6:00pm, September 5 @ 5:30pm, September 10 @ 7:00pm, September 22 @ 2:30pm. Which one would you like to book?”
  • Guests can receive notifications reminding user about the show’s start time via WhatsApp.

Smart Hotel – Ordinary hotel functions can become revenue generation tools.

  • “Wow” your guests by enabling them to Control in-room smart coffee maker, lights, music, etc. via WhatsApp!
  • Guests can book stays using their favorite social media tool (i.e. Facebook). The reservation can get automatically posted on the user’s Facebook page (or Tweeted on Twitter) giving the hotel instant free exposure on Social Media.
  • One difference between communicating with customers via messaging versus an app is that people can turn off in app notifications. However, people are not likely going to turn off SMS notifications. The ability to notify guests (on bookings or post stay promotions) via SMS is very powerful!
  • Guests can initiate and follow up on maintenance requests (with photos) via WhatsApp, as well as receive automated status updates. To show your guest how much you value him, when sending his automated status update, the chat bot can offer him a coupon for discount on future stay, increasing your chances of getting repeat business.
  • An intelligent chat bot can use machine learning and Artificial Intelligence to offer premium services, such as late checkout, mid-stay cleaning, or room service to greet guests upon arrival.
  • The best part of all this is that you can log all your chat bot transactions giving you valuable analytics on customer preferences and behaviors, which can then be leveraged for targeted marketing campaigns.

Smart Casino –  Gamblers can place bets with an intelligent chat bot via WhatsApp, which utilizes machine learning and Artificial Intelligence to help them with predictions. They can also receive notifications on game milestones (i.e. horse racing) via WhatsApp.

In conclusion, this is really exciting technology, and the opportunities are endless! To quote Sally Hogshead, author of the bestseller book Fascinate, “Don’t try to be better, be different.” By being different you will begin to fascinate people, and they will flock to you.

My question for you is what are you doing in your business to fascinate your customers, instead of trying to chase after them?



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