The Top 5 Companies That Will Make You Think of IoT

The Top 5 Companies That Will Make You Think of IoT

Call it a race to the next digital solar system as the most powerful companies in the IT and digital space are gearing up to capture a huge chunk of the Internet of Thing’s market which is projected to rise to $1.43 trillion dollars in just four years’ time.  All these giants are star players and leaders in their own sphere, and their brands have become the bywords for their particular industries, ranging from hardware, software, cloud computing, e-commerce, to the almighty smartphone.  But the IoT’s intrinsic nature will refine the business landscape, bringing down walls and fusing technologies, making the race unpredictable, unconventional, and boundary-breaking without losing any of its acceleration.

Out of the top 20 IoT leaders right now, an unforgettable five will be the ones that can manage that transition quickly, by creating new products and integrating them under their umbrella, while leveraging on their brand name for easier audience recall.  In just five years, whenever you buy their gadget or hear their name, the first thing you’ll think of is the Internet of Things.

Amazon Web Services

Jeff Bezos’ empire is not just the biggest online retailer on the planet – it’s also the largest when it comes to being a cloud provider.  And the name of the game to rule the IoT virtual domain is the cloud. Amazon can only capitalize on this platform by doing what it does best:  mining and interpreting the millions of consumer data that are being processed through it. Amazon’s arsenal includes the NoSQL database Dynamo DB; streaming service Kinesis; and simple storage service S3.


Cisco is also about building networking equipment and connectivity, which makes it a natural for the IoT.  The company has already staked its claim by hosting the IoT World Forum.  It is expanding its reach beyond the traditional hardware that has made it famous to other IoT services like automation, data analytics, fog computing, and internet security.


The internet giant threw its hat into the IoT ring when it bought smart home company Nest for more than $3 billion in 2014. This startup, which produces smart thermostats and alarm clocks that help you monitor your health habits, was a logical extension of Google’s other large-scale ventures like the self-driving cars. And expect Google to redefine the rules again when it comes to IoT.  It has the IT industry intrigued with its announcement of the creation of a “Physical Web Platform.” Nobody has a clue to what that means, and Google hasn’t given an iota of explanation.  But everybody is watching.


The computer pioneer plans to make its strides into IoT with the cognitive capabilities of its smart Watson services. It also fuses its cloud development strengths with its enterprise application production and database of connectivity.  This combination will enable it to customize its IoT products and services for various industries.


Bill Gates’ brainchild has shed off its also-ran reputation to position itself as a major player in IoT.  Azure cloud services is the ace up its sleeve.  What makes Azure groundbreaking and possibly a threat to the competition is its B2C approach.  Azure will open the IoT skies to millions of users who can connect with each other through their smart machines.  Communication and real-time interaction are soon to follow, with gazillions of consumer data, which companies would pay a fortune to have,  flowing to and from all sides. Microsoft will augment Azure with interpretative analytics and learning tools that can make living and breathing in its virtual cloud as effortless and as popular as using your smartphone.




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