UIB becomes Open Connectivity Foundation member

UIB becomes Open Connectivity Foundation member

This week, Unified Inbox (UIB) became one of the 300+ global members of the Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF). The OCF’s mission is to solve the IoT standards gap to unlock the massive, trillion-dollar global opportunity created by the Internet of Things (IoT). The OCF, working in partnership with industry and business leaders, works to define the connectivity requirements needed to improve the interoperability between different smart IoT devices, machines, equipment, products, software, and systems.

The OCF’s work includes delivering the specifications, open source implementations, and certification programs to ensure this interoperability regardless of a device’s form factor, operating system, service provider, or transport technology to create a true “Network of Everything.” OCF members include companies from the automotive, consumer electronics, healthcare, home automation, manufacturing, wearables, and other industry sectors.

Said UIB CEO and Founder Toby Ruckert, “Smart home, smart enterprise, and smart city IoT solutions all demand interoperability. Right now IoT is the wild wild west. Every global electronics manufacturer has their own proprietary standard, with some companies having multiple standards within a single product line. Kitchens have appliances from different manufacturers. Factories have machines from different manufacturers. And even the smallest of cities have fixed (i.e., parking meters) and moving (i.e., buses) assets from different manufacturers. Interoperability is an IoT problem we must solve.”

While smart enterprises and smart cities aren’t waiting for standards to begin deploying IoT solutions, many security and privacy concerns still need to be addressed. It will take just one “next big thing” to bridge the divide between consumer (CIoT), industrial (IIoT) and government (GIoT) IoT.

UIB is excited to be part of the OCF. Learn more about the OCF and its vision on their website at openconnectivity.org.

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