UIB Completes Dubai Future Foundation’s Museum of the Future Accelerator

UIB Completes Dubai Future Foundation’s Museum of the Future Accelerator

Leading intelligent IoT messaging company UIB applies breakthrough SmartContact® technology to solve AI museum guide challenge


Dubai, UAE (September 12, 2018) – Unified Inbox Pte. Ltd. (UIB) today announced its completion of the Dubai Future Foundation’s (DFF) Museum of the Future Accelerator Challenge. UIB worked closely with members of the Foundation and museum management to discuss how UIB’s breakthrough UnificationEngine® intelligent IoT messaging-powered SmartContact® can be used to improve museum visitors’ experience through an Artificial Intelligence (AI) museum guide that can also serve as a digital concierge.

Opening in 2019, the Museum of the Future builds on over five years of temporary immersive exhibitions held at the World Government Summit. These exhibitions led to the conception of the DFF and the permanent Museum of the Future, set to become the world’s largest and most exciting home to tomorrow’s trends and opportunities.

UIB's Gulraiz Khalid in Dubai, UAE

UIB’s Gulraiz Khalid presents UIB’s SmartContact® at the Museum of the Future Accelerator Challenge in Dubai, UAE

Working with the local team and its partners for four weeks on-site in Dubai, UIB focused on innovative ways to use chat, AI, and social sharing to create personalized visitor experiences. With the museum set to open in the fourth quarter of 2019, UIB is envisioning an AI guide that can support multiple languages, communications channels, museum functions, and leverage UIB’s Unified AI for cross-channel and cross-system communications.

The AI guide can help visitors to get information about the museum, book tickets, get directions to the museum, and enable visitors to interact with the museum’s exhibits and technologies.

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