UIB UnificationEngine® Now Supports BBM

UIB UnificationEngine® Now Supports BBM

UIB’s UnificationEngine®, the world’s leading intelligent IoT messaging platform, is omnichannel, open, and secure. And it supports BBM! When you add a UnificationEngine-powered SmartContact® to your smartphone, you can now use BBM as well as over 20 other social media, messaging, and chat channels including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, and many others.

Over 100 million installs

With over 100 million installs on Android, iOS, and Windows, BBM remains one of the world’s largest mobile messaging applications. Since it was created in August 2005, BBM has evolved from a pure messaging application for text and video communications to a social ecosystem, unifying chat, social, commerce, and services including games.

A favorite messaging app in Indonesia

Famous for its speed, control, and privacy, BBM is the second most popular messaging app in Indonesia (WhatsApp, which is also available on UnificationEngine, recently overtook it as #1). Learn more about UIB’s full suite of Conversational IoT solutions — from customer service to movie tickets to password resets — now at www.uib.ai.

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