Unified Inbox Website Receives 2017 Webby Award

Unified Inbox Website Receives 2017 Webby Award

Showcasing intelligent IoT messaging use cases for smart homes, smart enterprises, and smart cities, Unified Inbox’s interactive demo.unifiedinbox.com website is a 2017 Webby Awards Honoree in Website Features and Design­ — Technical Achievement for Websites

Unified Inbox Pte. Ltd. (UIB) have announced the public launch of their intelligent IoT messaging demo website, demo.unifiedinbox.com. Demo.unifiedinbox.com showcases live, interactive use cases for smart homes, smart enterprises, and smart cities using the UnificationEngine™ intelligent IoT messaging platform, which provides users and manufacturers with increased security, interoperability, and convenience.

On April 4, 2017, the website received a 2017 Webby Award for Website Features and Design — Technical Achievement for Websites. UIB Head of Design Carsten Czech said, “Demo.unifiedinbox.com allows users to connect their smartphones to control and query a virtual smart home or smart city. Users can message connected devices, vehicles, and infrastructure — from lights to ovens to buses to cameras — using the most popular communications channels.” The UnificationEngine intelligent IoT messaging platform is compatible with over 20 different messaging channels, including WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, Twitter, and many others.

The UnificationEngine intelligent IoT messaging platform is used by global smart device manufacturers and governments to enable users and residents to chat with their appliances, electronics, and cities as easily as they chat with their friends.

Demo: Asking when the bus arrives, and how many people are on it

According to UIB CMO Ken Herron, “The demo.unifiedinbox.com website shows people how our UnificationEngine platform enables people to remotely control and receive alerts and notifications from their smart devices at home, at work, and on the go, on their favorite communications channels.”

Continued UIB CTO Aby Varghese, “The Internet of Things has two problems, security and convenience. In most cases, fixing one, ‘breaks’ the other. Our UnificationEngine platform was created to increase both security AND convenience.”

UnificationEngine increases convenience by eliminating the need to install a separate app and to learn specific commands for every device. It allows people to control all of their devices in natural language using their existing communications tools. And UnificationEngine increases security by matching people’s identity to their device’s identity, so only they, or the people they explicitly authorize, can communicate with and control their smart devices.

The UnificationEngine platform is based on a single, unified API which manufacturers can integrate into their devices to allow access to any communications channel. This allows them to focus on improving the fundamental purpose of their device, instead of constantly reconfiguring to adapt to continually changing communications channels and APIs.

Concluded Mr. Varghese, “Demo.unifiedinbox.com shows how the Internet of Things can be frictionless and fun! The desktop demo has been optimized for the latest versions of the Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and Microsoft Edge browsers.”

Demo: Asking how many people are waiting in the queue for the snack bar and calling for a taxi

Connect your smartphone and control the smart devices in UIB’s UnificationEngine demo with either SMS or your favorite messaging, chat, or social media account now at: demo.unifiedinbox.com.



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About Unified Inbox

What if you could chat with your “things” as easily as you chat with your friends?

Unified Inbox is a global intelligent Internet of Things (IoT) messaging company focused on inventing innovative new technologies for smart homes, smart cities, and smart enterprise (including Industry 4.0).

With operations in Singapore, the UAE, India, Europe, and the US, Unified Inbox’s UnificationEngine™ platform brings together Artificial Intelligence with IoT and unified messaging to enable people to talk to their things as easily as they message their friends, on the communications channels they use most — and without the need for an additional app!

Unified Inbox. Simply Communicate.

Learn more about Unified Inbox now at UnifiedInbox.com


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