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Conversational IoT:

The Smarter Alternative for Human-to-Machine Communications

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AI + IoT

You keep reading about this trillion-dollar addressable market, but are you ready for it?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) individually have the potential to deliver tremendous value. Today, industry leaders are beginning to realize the importance of deploying these technologies in conjunction with each other, representing a potential trillion-dollar market opportunity.

The solution is right in front of us.

The “things” of IoT need to communicate in human, not machine languages. Why?

If Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Apple and the others invent languages (as Facebook already has) that only their machines can understand, it jeopardizes our ability to understand and control our machines.

“Machines” includes all of our connected things: our smart devices, hardware, equipment, appliances, electronics, products, clothes, vehicles, software, and databases (which power our increasing numbers of chatbots and virtual assistants).

But there’s an app for that!

Today, manufacturers use apps as the primary means for users to communicate with their products. In this utopian vision, users cheerfully download new apps – forever – to remotely control and to receive alerts and notifications from their different smart products.

There are just six problems with the app model:

  1. People don’t want to download apps
  2. Apps aren’t scalable
  3. It’s difficult to find the “right” app
  4. Apps are fixed, closed systems
  5. Apps are expensive
  6. Apps just aren’t as secure

How intelligent IoT messaging works

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