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Conversational AIoT

NEW: Making Facilities Management (FCM) Smart

The Smarter Alternative for Human-to-Machine (H2M) Communications

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Smart FCM White Paper

The building industry has never before experienced such a period of increasingly rapid, technology-fueled change

Conversational AIoT is now being used to control and manage, get alerts and notifications from, and analyze the data from users’ behaviors of a range of different connected products and building management systems.

Smart FCM White Paper

Conversational AIoT provides interoperability across a single, conversational interface to all of our buildings’ connected systems and devices.

Buildings must now “work” for everyone. This definition explicitly includes buildings simultaneously achieving their financial, environment, and operational objectives. After reading this paper, industry professionals will be empowered to make better decisions as they work towards development and implementing more sustainable strategies for creating 360° healthy, thriving building environments.

H2M White Paper

The “things” of IoT need to communicate in human, not machine languages. Why?

If Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Apple and the others invent languages (as Facebook already has) that only their machines can understand, it jeopardizes our ability to understand and control our machines.

“Machines” includes all of our connected things: our smart devices, hardware, equipment, appliances, electronics, products, clothes, vehicles, software, and databases (which power our increasing numbers of chatbots and virtual assistants).

How Conversational AIoT works

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