Zave taps UIB to deliver AI-powered office services

Zave taps UIB to deliver AI-powered office services

UnificationEngine®-powered SmartContact™ connects Zave users to workflow management platform with WhatsApp


Singapore (July 2, 2019) — Conversational AI company UIB today announced that rapidly growing AI workflow management platform company Zave will use its UnificationEngine®-powered SmartContact™ to allow their customers to use WhatsApp to connect with their New Accounting Task-Bot, task management, and other CRM services.

Zave Founder and CEO Alan Schmoll said, “Zave is eliminating inefficiencies and user engagement issues. With our Zave SmartContact from UIB, Zave users can easily snap photos of their receipts and message them on WhatsApp to Zave for managers’ review and sign off. Users and managers save time and can track all reimbursements and bills in a single platform.”

UIB CEO Toby Ruckert added, “In addition to filing receipt photos via WhatsApp, Zave’s users will also use WhatsApp messages to query the Zave SmartContact on pending secretarial and accounting matters.”

Continued Ruckert, “Users will be able to create new tasks by sending WhatsApp messages to the SmartContact, such as changing a shareholder, adding a director, etc. Users will be able to query the status of their companies in natural language (e.g., “When is my AGM due?”, “When is the financial year end?”, etc.). The NLP will be processed and managed by Zave. WhatsApp Business solution provider UIB’s UnificationEngine Conversational AI platform will be used to send and receive messages on WhatsApp.”



Zave screenshot on WhatsApp


Zave screenshot on WhatsApp


Screenshot of Zave User Dashboard Showing Unverified WhatsApp Number


Screenshot of Zave User Dashboard Showing Verified WhatsApp Number



About UIB

We make human to machine communications simple.

Named a Gartner “Cool Vendor” in Unified Communications and Collaboration Technologies, UIB is a global cloud computing company. The creators of Conversational AI with Cognitive IoT capabilities, we solved the problem of how to talk to cloud-connected software, services, chatbots, and devices. UIB provides its customers, partners, and developers with omnichannel messaging solutions using its patented UnificationEngine®, Unified AI®, and SmartContact™ technologies.

Adding our UnificationEngine-powered SmartContact to your smartphone’s address book allows you to talk to any connected “thing” or service on over 30 of the world’s most popular communications platforms, including email, SMS, smart speakers, virtual assistants, social media messaging and chat apps — such as WhatsApp (UIB is a WhatsApp Business solution provider), Facebook Messenger, WeChat, and many more.

Our award-winning technologies help smart home and connected appliance manufacturers, real estate and PropTech companies, hospitality companies, telecommunications providers, museums, airlines, enterprise software companies, government authorities, and others to increase their revenues, decrease their costs, and delight their users. With a SmartContact in your smartphone’s address book, you can talk via natural language voice and instant messaging to any device on any channel in any language with or without the device’s native mobile app or a virtual assistant.

Learn more about UIB now at; try out UIB’s UnificationEngine for yourself at and; and download UIB’s newest white paper at

About Zave

Zave is a client-centric workflow management platform for startups and SMEs to seamlessly outsource accounting, tax and corporate secretarial work to professional firms. Prior to this, Zave was a tech-enabled corporate service provider, before rebranding the firm to Lanturn.

Founded by former Wall Street banker Alan Schmoll in 2014 as Asbet, the company initially built collaboration software for banks and institutional investors before pivoting in 2017 to address the challenges around corporate services. Velisarios Kattoulas, former CEO and founder of Poseidon Research China, joined the mission in 2018 and currently serves as Zave’s COO. The company employs another 25 people across Hong Kong and Australia, with the majority of the team based in Singapore.

Learn more about Zave now at


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